Bali, February 2014…  “When life fades like the fading sunset, let my eyes be clear, my hands and heart free, I am filled with respect for Mother Earth, so that my spirit may come to you without shame.” – The Great Spirit prayer.

Inspired by the Earth's hidden tribes and stories of rocks that travel through the oceans, shores, caves, lakes and mountains, comes THE GREAT SPIRIT. This Spring/Summer, Jewel Rocks is inspired by the stories of the rocks in our midst. Rocks have always been here, forming our foundation and so much a part of our life. They move from time to time, and are marked by countless memories during day and night, witnessing the greatness of different cultures around the world. If you listen closely, the rocks will tell you their stories – the stories of the world before and today. This beautiful essence is always been a part of our Jewel Rocks collection.

You’ll find a new series of Jewel Rocks silver and bronze pendants that you’ll love… starting from the triangle in the Bermuda bracelets, fox, eagle, and the owl. It’s nature at its best, all intertwined with unique threads, trinkets and rocks. The blue and red characterizes this collection and we found that the ancient tribes all around East Asia and the American Indians commonly share these colors even when they are thousands of miles apart. It is their connection to nature that ties them together. Just like what the Chief Luther Standing Bear of Sioux said, “The Great Spirit is a great unifying life force that flowed in and through all things… the flowers of the plains, blowing winds, rocks, trees, birds, animals.”

THE GREAT SPIRIT collection is now available in selected stores.

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About Jewel Rocks
Jewel Rocks is trinkets and jewel-pieces that charms to memory lanes of friendships, travels and tribes around the globe, jewels that bring messages of love, hope, faith and peace. It crafts wonderful treasures, bits and pieces, and creates a whimsical jewelry lines. Each jewel piece blends materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and so on…every details is significant. Inspirations come from world's cultures and indie, funky and free-spirited friends in the wonderful universe of Jewel Rocks. More