Treasures, Bits and Pieces Crafted Together to Create Jewelry Lines
Bali, October 2012… Influenced by Native American mythology and world traditions of bracelet making in India, Tibet, Thailand complimented with Indonesia's rich culture and colorful nature – designer, Imelda Widjaja, has magical stories of her mystical travels, encapsulated in each bracelet. Jewel Rocks creations crafts materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and more to create a whimsical jewelry lines.

The business began in Jakarta and Bali as Jewels and Rocks. When a friend suggested the name change to "Jewel Rocks," the little bracelet making endeavor suddenly hit the center stage, truly rocking the hearts of fans. Secure in her rock-steady concept and unerring eye for beauty and style, Imelda looks forward to another successful season.

The concept of Jewel Rocks brand is love and friendship, promoting peace across cultures and ethnics. Each jewel is tailor made for those who are inspired by music, beach, collecting treasures, nature, dreams of travel around the globe combined with fresh urban touch. Various Jewel Rocks product are bracelet, necklace, anklet, headband, medicine bags as well as a limited selection of earrings.

Friendship bracelet exchange is a bright spot in everyone's memory. This little spot in our collective conscious is a gentle reminder of the strength of friendship, and the traditions of bracelet exchange worldwide spark that much needed faithful, sweet, nourishing experience. The jewels are made of the finest threads and semi-precious stones that could last a lifetime, unlike the fragile ones of the past that might fall apart in a few days. This subtle undertone of the bracelet is idealistic, yet aesthetically pleasing and accessible.

Outlets consist of two concept stores in Bali, selected stores in Bali and Jakarta, shops overseas in Europe, Australia and Japan and online sales.

About Jewel Rocks
Jewel Rocks is trinkets and jewel-pieces that charms to memory lanes of friendships, travels and tribes around the globe, jewels that bring messages of love, hope, faith and peace. It crafts wonderful treasures, bits and pieces, and creates a whimsical jewelry lines. Each jewel piece blends materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and so on…every details is significant. Inspirations come from world's cultures and indie, funky and free-spirited friends in the wonderful universe of Jewel Rocks. More