Jewel Rocks new flagship store in Petitenget is now open!
Bali, 2013… After rocking Bali, and the world, with its whimsical jewelries, Jewel Rocks is coming back with twist. This June, Jewel Rocks is proud to announce the launch of its newest and biggest Flagship Store. Located in Petitenget area, this flagship store will be the home to your favorite bracelets, necklaces, headbands and anklets. Say hello to the threads, beads, pendants, leather, stones that has been a token of friendship, love and peace.

All Jewel Rocks collections are available in our fabulous store because it is our mission to find a home for the Sea Philosophy, Astrology lines, Cosmic Wonder and our latest Nautical Dreams. Get a glimpse on the things, cultures and dreams that inspire them, and the stories behind it. Our flagship store is the home of our travel keepsakes from around the world. Be inspired by the various cultures that gave birth to these beautiful jewels. Be excited, for our limited edition pieces are available here.

This flagship store is also the home of our lovely Tanate bags. These cultural bags are the joint forces between Jewel Rocks founder, Imelda Widjaja, and Mimsy. Each bags are made of special cloths that was bought by these two on one of its world-wide travel. Ask our staff about the ones you like. You'll love it even more once you've heard of the stories.

Store: Monday-Thursday 8am -10.30pm; Friday-Saturday 8am -11pm; Sunday 8am -10pm

About Jewel Rocks
Jewel Rocks is trinkets and jewel-pieces that charms to memory lanes of friendships, travels and tribes around the globe, jewels that bring messages of love, hope, faith and peace. It crafts wonderful treasures, bits and pieces, and creates a whimsical jewelry lines. Each jewel piece blends materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and so on…every details is significant. Inspirations come from world's cultures and indie, funky and free-spirited friends in the wonderful universe of Jewel Rocks. More www.jewelrocks.com