*Cosmic Wonder*
Jewel Rocks' launches the New Collection for 2013
Bali, December 2012… Jewel Rocks designs, known for seeing and sharing the beauty of creation and the ability to reflect that in threads of tiny jewels, proudly launches the *Cosmic Wonder* line. The must have item for embracing the new year, these bracelets flash a dark and sparkly reflection on the wrist transporting the person to a world of gigs, festivals, soundscape, dreamscape and the cosmic waves.

Available in selected stores starting January:
Bali: Lumiere's Voyage Drupadi Seminyak, D.I.Y Kayu Aya Seminyak, Religion, Potato Head Seminyak
Jakarta: Muse at Plaza Senayan and 707 Store at Kemang Raya.

Visionary Imelda Widjaja creates this line with a new fantasy represented by the blue heron, a Native American symbol of self-awareness. The velvet nighttime color bracelets depict the cosmos, the cave, the rave, and the music scenes. In the culture of music night life, Imelda finds her unlikely yet strangely fitting niche to discover the self.

These slim, unbreakable, aesthetically enchanting bracelets are like little stardust particles of giant surface music cosmic wonder dangling delicately on the woman's wrists.

About Jewel Rocks
Jewel Rocks is trinkets and jewel-pieces that charms to memory lanes of friendships, travels and tribes around the globe, jewels that bring messages of love, hope, faith and peace. It crafts wonderful treasures, bits and pieces, and creates a whimsical jewelry lines. Each jewel piece blends materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and so on…every details is significant. Inspirations come from world's cultures and indie, funky and free-spirited friends in the wonderful universe of Jewel Rocks. More www.jewelrocks.com