Imelda Widjaja's Cosmic Vision: Jewel Rocks
Bali, October 2012… Footloose traveller and savvy surfer girl turns one-hit wonder with her famed bracelet line, Jewel Rocks. For decades she's been developing her own style and approach to life. A lover of freedom, travel, flea markets, surfing, she cites Zoe Kravitz as a style icon: "She's hippy, but not too hippy." If you ask what side of the bed she wakes up on, "All sides all at once." Inspired by friendship, travel and freedom, she began creating her own friendship bracelets, studded with stories and semi-precious stones. A testament to her spirit and heart, the bracelets encapsulated new waves of fashion in a tiny template, easily taught to others who are now employed in her booming bracelet business.

Rocking the wrists of cities in 18 different countries including Japan, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and in Jakarta and Bali, for these delightful, well-made, stylish wrist bands that speak of friendship, memory, freedom, music and the sea. She is also inspired by various ethnic traditions in bracelet making and exchange. Each bracelet is its unique personal and collective story with a definite delicate message and an effortlessly charming aesthetic.

Imelda is delightfully down to earth and warm hearted, and keeps it real with her inspirations being her mother, her grandma, nature, God and her excellent high-school Art teacher. She keeps on going because of her love of God's creations and the people all around her. Some of her favorite designers in contemporary fashion, design and music, include Warpaint, the Black Keys, Undercover, Muji, Alexander Wang and Banana Butik in Bali as well as Opening Ceremony of Tokyo, naming just a few of her collection of style influences.

Her self-described personal style: Personal, versatile, colourful, unusual colour mix, summer vibe, poetic, addictive. What's the message? Be completely free! Is it a paradox that her slogan is Slave to the Wave? If so, its a paradox we can understand on a deep level defying logic, like: What's the sound of one hand clapping? The unique bracelets are worn by some celebrities such as Tracy Phillips, Emi Matsushima, Luna Maya, and Abi the singer of the Temper Trap.

One dream she wants to accomplish is actively doing a charity youth project jointly with Flux Creative Center. In the end, she brings it all back to love and the future, dreaming of teaching creativity in art, music and video to the children.

About Jewel Rocks
Jewel Rocks is trinkets and jewel-pieces that charms to memory lanes of friendships, travels and tribes around the globe, jewels that bring messages of love, hope, faith and peace. It crafts wonderful treasures, bits and pieces, and creates a whimsical jewelry lines. Each jewel piece blends materials of all kinds from threads, crystals, stones, silver, bones, woods, seeds, leather, acrylics, batiks and so on…every details is significant. Inspirations come from world's cultures and indie, funky and free-spirited friends in the wonderful universe of Jewel Rocks. More